Group Policy Preferences and GPRESULT

In Vista SP1, the RSOP reports generated locally on a client computer do not contain GPP information, which makes troubleshooting more difficult. For example, drive mappings applied as part of a User GPP will not be displayed in a GPRESULT report (GPRESULT /h).

Microsoft ‘Group Policy Preferences’ (GPP) is the re-packaged Desktop Standard ‘Policy Maker’ product. The GPP Client Side Extensions (CSE) for XP / Vista allow certain settings – such as environment variables, drive mappings, shortcuts etc – to be defined in a Group Policy Object (GPO) and applied as a one-off default setting, or re-applied at every user logon / computer start-up.

The solution to viewing applied GPPs is to use the Group Policy Results wizard in ‘Group Policy Management’ (GPMC ) 2.0, either locally or remotely. The Group Policy Results wizard does display both Group Policy and Group Policy Preferences applied to the user / computer.

GPMC 2.0 is a separate install on Vista SP1, part of the Remote Server Administration Tools and can also be installed on Server 2008.



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